Rosen’s, Ltd

Rosen's, Ltd


Lexington Avenue, New York


Appeared In:
Magic Kingdom for Sale / Sold

Rosen’s, Ltd was a department store that published the annual Christmas Wishbook.


Rosen’s, Ltd was a department store on Earth that supposedly offered something for everyone.


They published an annual catalogue called the Christmas Wishbook, which was where Ben Holiday found the promo offering Landover for sale.


Their building was a fifteen storey cornerstone to two thirty plus storey skyscrapers. An old building, it had been remodelled when the skyscrapers were built. Plate glass displays were along the walkway on Lexington. The ground floor was cavernous, polished and sterile. Metal and glass display cabinets were filled with jewellery and cosmetics. A glass encased directory displayed the departments and their floor numbers.


Meeks’ offices were on the Penthouse level. His office was an elegant richly appointed room, furnished with a massive old desk of scrolled oak, matching chairs with stuffed leather seats and backs, work benches and end-tables covered with charts, magazines and work files. Floor to ceiling bookcases filled with ancient books and artefacts of all kinds covered three walls. The fourth wall was windows with curtains drawn tightly across. Deep pile carpets of earthen brown covered the floors. The room smelt of furniture polish and old leather.