Ben Holiday

Ben Holiday



First Wife: Annie Holiday (Deceased)
Daughter: Beth Holiday (Deceased)
Second Wife: Willow
Daughter: Mistaya Holiday

The Towers, Michigan Avenue, Chicago
Sterling Silver

Known As:
High Lord of Landover


Appeared In:
Magic Kingdom for Sale / Sold
The Black Unicorn
Wizard at Large
The Tangle Box
Witches’ Brew
A Princess of Landover

Ben Holiday was the King of Landover.


Medium height, lean, trim, athletic looking, a drawn face, high cheekbones and forehead, hawk nose, piercing blue eyes. 39 years old but on the verge of passing into middle age too young.

Physically and mentally fit.


Experienced in dealing with people and laws. Compassionate, honourable, far-sighted.


Young, successful and wealthy.

Came from a wealthy family: his mother had been born into money and his father made his in futures. Both were dead and he had no brothers or sisters. He had some distant cousins on the West Coast and an uncle in Virginia, but he hadn’t seen any of them in over five years.

As a teen he was a competitive boxer, at one stage being a silver glover. Other interests and going away to school prevented him from progressing further, and as an adult he only boxed to keep himself in shape.

Graduated from Chicago University’s School of Law, Order of the Coif, summa cum laude, when he was twenty four. Went into practise with a large law firm immediately after and left after five years to form his own firm with Miles Bennett, Holiday and Bennett, Ltd. They specialised in litigation. He had served as president of the Chicago Bar Association and as chairman of a number of committees on the Illinois State Bar.

After Annie’s death, Miles appeared to be his only real friend. He had always considered himself to be an outsider and that he didn’t belong; Annie’s death appeared to reinforce this belief.

His favourite drink was Glenlivet.

Was nick-named “Doc” by Miles, a name that drove Ben nuts.

Was fascinated with puzzles and challenges that others would avoid.

Magic Kingdom for Sale / Sold

Saw the advertisement for the sale of Landover in the Christmas Wishbook. After some deliberation he travelled to New York to meet Meeks and decided to proceed with the purchase. He was given airline tickets to take him to Virginia where a car had been reserved for him. He was also given a map to show him where to go in Virginia. When he picked up the car he received a small parcel which contained a letter from Meeks and a medallion.