Landover was the magical kingdom purchased by Ben Holiday.

Sale of Landover

The sale of Landover was handled by Meeks as an agent of Rosen’s, Ltd on behalf of Michel Ard Rhi.

When looking for the ideal candidates for the sale, Meeks looked for people whose roots could easily be severed as they were not allowed to communicate with anyone but Meeks in their first year in Landover. He also wanted them to have enough hard assets, rather than paper assets, to be able to make the purchase.

The Contract

The contract was a single sheet of paper backed in triplicate that showed the following details:

  • Landover was to be sold for one million US dollars
  • The purchaser has ten days to examine their purchase with no obligation
  • If during that time the purchaser is in any way unsatisfied with the purchase they can withdraw from Landover for a full refund minus a five percent handling fee. A key to do this would be supplied once the purchase was complete
  • The full price would be forfeited if the purchaser chose to withdraw after the ten days, or if they chose to abandon Landover for any reason during the first year

Copies of the contract were not allowed to leave the office before signing. After signing the contract the purchaser had thirty days for payment.